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Picasso’s 70-year-old stepdaughter, Catherine Hutin-Blay is on a mission to open the world’s largest Picasso museum.

The only daughter of Picasso has an extensive collection of Pablo Picasso’s artwork. She inherited the collection from her mother, Jacqueline Roque, and it is said to have around 2,000 works that range from paintings to drawings to ceramics and sculptures, making it the world’s largest Picasso collection, it will carry more work than the respective collections of the Picasso museums in Barcelona, Malaga, and Paris. The collection is rich in works dating from 1952 to 1973, which is the time period of her mother’s relationship with Picasso. The works have never been published or exhibited.

Hutin-Blay wants to dedicate the museum to her mother and Picasso, whose 11 years of marriage were the artist’s last. The museum will be built in the south of France near Aix-en-Provence, where the couple (Picasso & Roque) is buried. The land was sold to Hutin-Blay’s Company, Madame Z for $14.1 million. The museum is expected to have 3 levels that will devote its space to both permanent and temporary exhibitions. The museum will also contain a research center, auditorium as well as a pottery and engraving workshop. The museum space should be able to hold up to 1,500 visitors on the daily

Last year, Hutin-Blay released a statement about the genesis of the project, she said “My mother died in 1986, it took me a while to pay inheritance tax, Since the, I have not stopped lending and touring what belongs to me. This is the mission I gave myself. I am not trying to make money but to share what I have received.”

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