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With an inventory of over 9000 art pieces and a continuously expanding portfolio of over 500 contemporary Egyptian artists, TAM.Gallery (The Arts-Mart Gallery) is the largest multi-platform art organization; comprising of online and offline galleries, exhibition spaces and exciting art events venues in Abu Rawwash, Mall of Arabia, District 5 - New Cairo, El Gouna - Red Sea, and The North Coast inside Diplo Clubhouse.

www.tam.gallery is the first and biggest online art gallery in Egypt and the Middle East, and its physical counterparts are Egypt’s largest art spaces.

In 2012, The concept for TAM.Gallery was developed as a virtual and physical space that bridged the gap between the growing network of talented contemporary artists looking for a new platform to sell and promote their work, and consumers interested in experiencing and buying unique contemporary art.


TAM.Gallery launched its showroom in 2014 to complement the online gallery, where art enthusiasts can immerse themselves further into the experience of viewing and shopping for art in a creative and inspiring venue.

We are located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, 2 Km after exiting the 26th of July Axis. The 1000m² hangar houses three-floors that include the main exhibition space where shows and flagships exhibitions are taking place all year round, in addition to two upper floors.

Make sure to check “Curotar’s Picks | Abstract” currently on display at our main exhibition hall until the 30th of November, 2022.




Whilst our main exhibition hall is hosting its main event, our upper two floors always are boasting over 300 beautiful works of art by prominent and rising Egyptian artists.

Indulge in browsing through our collections in person, take your time in selecting the artwork that speaks to you.


TAM.Gallery is a space that is unparalleled in Cairo. with 1000 m² of massive floor space, The gallery offers endless possibility and flexibility, as well as high ceilings that give a sense of grandeur to the space.

Create the perfect venue for the event of your choice. Our modern, simple interior enables you to decorate and structure the space to suit your event, and our light designs create an elegant atmosphere and set the mood.


We are excited to share with you the great news! TAM.Gallery is now open in EL GOUNA inside the vibrant Abu Tig Marina. We’re bringing you the best of Egyptian Contemporary art ALL YEAR ROUND. Find us nestled between Saigon Restaurant and La Scale.

Browse through El Gouna Collection 


Nestled inside the famous Clubhouse of Diplo 3 in the north Coast, we offer people a little break from the sun to immerse themselves in our wide and diverse collection of unique Egyptian art!
Find a wonderful variety of styles, sizes and prices and a brand new sculpture garden every season! And it doesn’t stop there…  TAM.Gallery also has a lot more exciting events and activities to offer all summer long.


In our mission to bring art to every Egyptian home we added one more location in the heart of Mall of Arabia! This only means more SPACE, more ART & more FUN! Our new venue is set to change the interaction between the artists and the audience, making art accessible and raising public awareness, which has always been at the heart of our mission.


Our strategic location in District 5, New Cairo was a great choice as a fifth venue for TAM.Gallery. Our space is now minutes away from Maadi, Road 90 and Heliopolis. Spread Over 1000 square meters, our two storey gallery is dedicated to the largest collection of prominent and emerging art by over 500 of Egypt’s best-loved artists all year round!

Make sure to check ”Mirroring Humanity” , the soloexhibition by popular artist Hesham Abdelmoaty, currently taking place in District 5!

Our Regular working hours are: Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM 





In an ongoing partnership with Azza Fahmy Jewellery, TAM.Gallery creates an impeccably curated selection to match the uniqueness and beauty of Azza Fahmy’s designs. Inspired by Pharaonic, Calligraphy, and Wonders of Nature themes, our beloved artists created impeccable pieces adorning AFJ’s boutiques in Cairo, Gouna, and the North Coast.

Find TAM.Gallery showcased at Azza Fahmy’s concept stores in:
Almaza Bay & Diplo – North Coast “COMING SOON”


In another inspiring collaboration with Okhtein, TAM.Gallery curated a selection of artworks by the amazing artist Walid Taher to set a unique mood and identity for Okhtein’s new store in Garden 8, New Cairo.


With the aim to create a coherent sense of place and accentuate Eklego’s modern and sleek furniture collection; TAM.Gallery curates a selection of artworks to set a unique mood and identity for each zone inside their showrooms in Zamalek, Cairo 

Discover the Collection


TAM.Gallery planned and curated a themed selection of artworks showcased at Afkarna Gallery at Arkan Plaza, El Sheikh Zayed; serving the creative designs of Afkarna and giving the client a total sense of place inside their showroom. 

Discover the Collection



With today’s international art market estimated at billions of dollars, acquiring art pieces is not only a valuable investment; it’s a pleasure worth experiencing.

At TAM Gallery, we are happy to channel our market expertise and extensive connections within the art industry into offering a free advisory service, where we help you select and collect the perfect artwork based on your budget, style and needs.


We also work on commission-based projects, where we create the art you need for your house, office or commercial space. Our keen eyes for details and appreciation for art will help you design and decorate your space with the right work of art. We also partner with interior designers and decorators to commission and select your art pieces based on theme, palette, interior space or style.

Since launching in 2012, TAM Gallery has helped corporate, residential and commercial clients in Egypt and abroad acquire art with long-term value and intrinsic beauty. Whatever your budget, style or size, we’ll guide you to the right choice.


Acquiring art is more than just a buying experience; you’re adding a new aesthetic element to your life, a new story to your living space, a new value to your identity.

We want to make sure you pick the right piece, and to make your experience even more enjoyable, we offer a Try Before you Buy service to our Cairo-based clients.

Select the artwork you’re interested in buying, and our gallery representative will bring it to your Cairo location at a fee. You’ll get to ‘try’ the art piece in your home where you can hang it on a wall, see if it fits with your colour scheme, space design and other wall decorations; all for a limited time. If you decide to buy it, just make the payment to our on-hand representative and it’s all yours! If it’s not the right choice for you, we’re happy to take it back to our headquarters.

This service is only available in Cairo. Conditions apply. For more information about this service, please contact us.


You may have your product delivered to your home via our shipping company. We deliver orders on normal business days, which are Sunday through Thursday excluding Egyptian national holidays. International shipping is available and its fee is calculated upon selecting country of delivery.


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TAM.Gallery is home to the popular annual Cairo Art Fair; a massive exhibit that shows the full range of the Egyptian contemporary art scene today, as well as The Artists of Tomorrow; an annual show launching the careers of promising young and mid-career artists and The Summer Affordable Art Show.


The gallery has hosted the largest retrospective exhibitions for several Egyptian masters including Omar El Nagdi, Mohamed Abla, Britt Boutros Ghali, Ibrahim El Tanbouli & Abdelwahab Abdelmohsen, amongst others.


TAM.Gallery hosts a number of Art workshops and competitions led by outstanding artists such as Mohamed Abla, Taher Abdel Azeem, Hania El Azzouni, Ahmed Nadim and Ahmed Osman that caters for different age groups and a wide range of skill levels.

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