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Tamer Ragab

Tamer Ragab is an Egyptian artist born in 1979 and has graduated from Cairo University with a bachelor degree in commerce. Tamer’s career has however been shifted to visual arts and specifically sculpturing. His work is an expression of the moving forces of nature and their effects upon the artworks. The wind is a key factor in his work and the way it impacts the figure by changing its physical appearance. His work is a movement experiment, where the movement influences his sculpting and capturing the motion of the artwork. Also, the stability point creates a flying effect.

He stresses on the conflicting state of the invisible force of nature while expressing human emotions and mental state through the portraits. He uses the strength of the figure facing the wind and their ability to fight the force. His works are semi abstract compositions using different material such as bronze, marble, granite and lately fiber to add an extra effect on the statue’s visual.

Tamer has taken part in various group exhibitions in Saudi Arabia and Tunisia. He has also been active nationally in group exhibitions like Agenda Exhibition in Bibliotheca Alexandrina (versions from 2009 and till 2016) and The General Exhibition and the Youth Exhibition in Cairo. His works are within different art collections in Egypt and worldwide.

EGP 66000.00

Tamer Ragab

Tamer Ragab, 18/218



5.51 x 13.77 x 4.72 Inches 14 x 35 x 12 cm

EGP 85800.00

Tamer Ragab

Tamer Ragab, 17/218



13.77 x 16.92 x 4.33 Inches 35 x 43 x 11 cm

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