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Group Exhibition

Mar 08 - Mar 23

The ArtsMart Gallery is delighted to announce ‘Visual Narratives | Women Celebrated by Art’, a powerful exhibition opening on Friday, March 8th 2019, from 7 – 9pm.

The exhibition showcases six contemporary artists’ take on some of modern-day Egypt’s most notable women – whose work has profound impact across many generations and occupational fields.

The focus of this exhibition is the intellectual meeting point between the artist and the woman that they are re-interpreting through art.

The process began with open conversations with the artists about the women they chose to work with and why. The result was that each of the six artists chose the figure they felt most inspired by and The ArtsMart Gallery then mediated a series of tête-à-têtes between them.
This was the first stage in the whole process of cognition; a stage leading from human interaction, conversations and immersive dialogues, to an artistic manifestation; a visual narrative that will be adorning the walls of the gallery.

The six collaborations are:
Ahdaf Soueif, Novelist X Lina Mowafy
Amany Khalil, Iron Woman X Ahmed Osman
Azza Fahmy, Founder of AFJ X Alaa Awad
Fatma Said, Soprano X Klay Kassem
Dr. Ghada Waly, Minister of Social Solidarity X Deena Fadel
Yasmina Abou Youssef, Founder of Tawasol Egypt X Alaa Abulhamd

In celebration of these luminaries, The ArtsMart Gallery invites you to come witness this wonderful alliance at our opening reception on Friday, March 8th 2019, from 7 -9 pm. The exhibition will continue until Saturday, 23rd of March.


More About The Collaborations

Ahdaf Soueif | Lina Mowafy

An internationally acclaimed novelist whose esteemed vocation as a storyteller and a passionate modern times commentator is told through artist Lina Mowafy’s spontaneous and multi-dimensional expressions on canvas. The two women talked in depth about the evasive nature of love, the ambiguity in motherhood and their fervent love for their country.

Amany Khalil | Ahmed Osman

Amany Khalil is the first Egyptian woman to complete the Iron Man Triathlon and win the Iron Woman title. She met Egyptian contemporary artist Ahmed Osman who is always inspired by strength, courage and revolutionary movements in his abstract paintings. Together they reflect on her life before the triathlon and the mental process that prepared her to gather the determination to undertake such a challenge at the age of 50.

Azza Fahmy | Alaa Awad

Through her exquisite craft, Azza Fahmy pays tribute to every Egyptian woman throughout history.Continuously inspired by over 7000 years of Egyptian heritage, Fahmy fuses tradition with modernity to create contemporary timeless pieces. Luxor-born artist Alaa Awad has always been fascinated with symbols of his heritage and weaves them into his contemporary body of work. Together, they sit and share their thoughts on the visual story of the women of Egypt as symbols of beauty, strength and diversity.

Fatma Said | Klay Kassem

Fatma Said is a renowned Egyptian soprano based in Austria, a regular star at International Opera houses and concert halls. Not only is she a phenomenal musician and performer, but also an ambassador of Egyptian talent. Klay Kassem is an artistic force from Alexandria whose ethereal body of work focuses on women and Egyptian Symbolism. The connection from Egypt to Austria was worthwhile as both artists engaged over their love for Egyptian Influences found in art all over the globe. Distances were bridged in this smooth conversation about their passion for Egypt and Art.

Ghada Waly | Deena Fadel

Having always been inspired by the concept of ‘giving’ and its ripple effect on communities around her, Minister Ghada Wali converses in depth with artist Deena Fadel about her inspirations and aspirations that led her to where she is now. Both are lovers of art and firm believers in its effect on people and large communities around them, creating a harmonious dialogue that is sure to be manifested into beautiful works of art.

Yasmina Abou Youssef | Alaa Abulhamd

A very interesting trip to Yasmina Abou Youssef’s NGO Tawasol in Ezbet Khairallah was the spark that ignited a long and intimate conversation between her and artist Alaa Abulhamd, who traveled all the way from Luxor to discuss her journey with Tawasol. They talked about her dreams, inspirations, and the challenges she overcomes everyday as her project and the youth of Tawasol grow. A deep dialogue on ancient grounds, not so different from the one the artist grew up on and is continuously inspired by in his paintings and images.


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