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Group Exhibition

Mar 27 - Apr 10

Originally planned as a physical exhibition, Positive Space quickly evolved into an online collaborative project with 83 contemporary Egyptian artists, presenting over 300 works that will be going live on FRIDAY, 27TH OF MARCH, 2020.

The title _Positive Space_ initially referred to the nature of black and white artwork; composed of layered positive and negative spaces. Now, we hope it provides you with a real positive space for reflection, enjoyment, wonder, inspiration and calm.

We at TAM.Gallery invite you to explore with us the two extremes. Two opposites that give meaning to each other when intertwined. Along the spectrum from black to white lives an abundance of questions, possibilities, surprises and countless emotions.
Stay safe and stay Tuned!

For more information about our online exhibition or appointments outside our working hours, please call: +201000773860


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