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Retrospective Show

Apr 09 - Jan 01

We’re delighted to invite you to the launch of ‘Max Vityk: 2010 – 2016 Retrospective’, a fascinating exhibition showcasing 61 larger-than-life paintings from the artist’s prolific and multifaceted portfolio over the last six years.

The exhibition opens on April 9th, continuing until May 6th at the ArtsMart Gallery, at KM28 on the Cairo-Alex Desert Road before Dandy Mall and behind Total Petrol Station.

Born in 1964, Max Vityk is an expressionist painter who has lived and worked around the world, including the US, Netherlands and Egypt.

His primary education in geology, combined with art training, greatly influenced his painting style, producing canvases with unique multilayers rock-like textures, energetic broad brushstrokes and naturally vibrant colors.

 Vityk’s work has been sold in many prestigious auction houses around the world, including Bonhams.

As one art critic wrote: “When Vityk looks at a mountain, he doesn’t see its top, but the forces that created it.”

“I let my paintings create themselves via associations rather than try to control them,” he says. “I usually start by painting an abstract image – a few simple lines, some texture and some color. Than I stop and observe – I am looking for an open door of associations. I call this a “flash”.The “flash” comes suddenly, usually after a prolonged passive observation (meditation). It brings the next set of images and kicks-in an explosive process of creation. The painting is complete when it produces no more associations.”

Vityk’s work can be found in private, corporate and institutional collections worldwide. He currently lives and works in Cairo, Egypt.



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