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Solo Exhibition

Feb 20 - Mar 06

In the first solo exhibition of Arts Mart gallery, Ibrahim El Tanbouli displays his latest paintings under the title Master of Dreams.
One of the leading contemporary artists in Egypt, El Tanbouli’s work in Master of Dreams portrays aspects of daily life in Egypt in which the human figure is center stage.

He sheds light on dreams being an essential aspect of life, despite its hardships and burdens. Touching upon personal dreams- be they day dreams or future dreams-El Tanbouli’s paintings target that one dream everyone has that can be named the master of dreams.A genius when it comes to composition,El Tanbouli’s landscapes scream Alexandria, in all its Mediterranean glory, while his portraits are characterized by a unique lucidity and movement.

Born in Alexandria, Egypt, October 1954, El Tanbouli is a passionate painter and sculptor. His works are centered around his perceptions of traditional Egyptian life. Using a palette all his own, El Tanbouli explores human connections through lucid figures and shapes and brilliant colour contrasts.

A master of composition, El Tanbouli has a way of creating beautiful context with the simplest lines. Held several private and group exhibitions in: Egypt, Germany, Jordan, Italy, Denmark, as well as the Egyptian Academy in Rome. He also represented Egypt at the Carthage Festival organized by ECUME for Mediterranean countries, Tunisia. His works can also be found in the private collections of companies and individuals in Egypt, Jordan, German, Italy, England, Denmark, USA, and Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia.

He has received several prizes including The Alexandria University and the Ministry of Higher Education’s prize for all Egyptian Universities, and the Salon prize of ‘Fekr Wa Fan’ Gallery. His paintings can be found in the Museum of Modern Art, Cairo – Ministry of Culture, Egypt – Royal Museum of Jordan, Amman – National Museum of Tunisia, Tunisia.


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