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Curator’s Picks | Abstract – تجريدي:

Nov 13 - Nov 23

We are very pleased to invite you to explore our exhibition ”Curator’s Picks | Abstract”, which is currently display at our gallery venue in Abu Rawwash.

In this show, we have selected over 70 of the best abstract works by some of Egypt’s best-loved emerging and well established artists. You will be sure to find the perfect abstract piece for you that will add value to your art collection. 

"Abstract" will be on display until the 30th of November, 2022.

“Why is Abstract Art so Popular?

Abstract art, design, and architecture can be found everywhere – it is all around us, and because of the unlimited ways it can be explored, it is understandable why this popular genre has formed a major part of a lot of artistic practices today.

The employment of abstract techniques has enabled artists to explore and represent their personal thoughts and feelings without the need for direct representation. Abstraction paved the way for artistic freedom, where anything from spirituality, materiality, to psychological and mental states, could be explored through the imaginative application of color, line, and form.

The popularity and attraction of abstract art is largely due to the fact that it is an incredibly versatile genre that continues to evolve till this day. With the rise of technology, social media, digital applications, and tools, we are already seeing abstract art developing and taking new shape.

Why Collect Abstract Art?

Abstract art makes wonderful additions to any collection for their timelessness and infinite appeal. Abstract works are great alternatives to figurative and more representational pieces that may directly allude to a specific narrative. What makes abstract art so versatile is that it is open to interpretation, and at the same time can be extremely meaningful and emotive.” - The Artling.

To learn more about abstract art and how to choose the perfect artwork for you, read the full article on www.theartling.com

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