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Edition 2

Dec 09 - Feb 15

Arts-Mart Gallery  is proud to announce the unveiling of Egypt’s largest ever art show as well as The Gallery’s grandest exhibition and most exclusive to date, titled ‘The Cairo Art Fair II’.

Held at the gallery’s location on the Cairo-Alex Desert Road (next to Dandy Mall) from the 9th of December 2016 until the 15th of February 2017, this annual art fair gives Egyptian art fans the opportunity to connect with over 700 artworks by Egyptian artists, including some of the biggest names in the art business. The fair provides a physical platform for viewers to browse through the contemporary Egyptian art scene today.

It will display the latest work of over 100 of Egypt’s best artists across several disciplines. Uniting this variety of art in one strong & dynamic show will off each artists’ individuality and give the audience a chance to fully explore the current Egyptian art scene.

The second edition of the Cairo Art Fair at TAM.Gallery is the manifestation of the dream to become a one-stop destination for Egyptian art enthusiasts worldwide. Showcasing an assemblage of well-established masters of composition and the most promising up-and-coming talents, the gallery will be brimming with over 700 artworks, including paintings, sculptures and photography. The art explores and encompasses a plethora of contemporary themes and covers a wide range of prices.

Cairo Art Fair II will include the latest works of Mohamed AblaGeorge Bahgory, Khaled Zaki, Guirgis Lotfy, Hosam Dirar, Karim Abdelmalak, Mohamed El DamarawyIbrahim El TanbouliLina Mowafy, Britt Boutros GhaliNazli MadkourDeena FadelKlay KassemMohamed SabryLubna AbdelazizGamal MelekaEman OsamaAssem Abdelfattah and many more.




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