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The Artists Of Tomorrow 2020:
Edition 6

Apr 17 - Jan 01

TAM.Gallery is proud to be hosting its 6th consecutive edition of the group exhibition “Artists of Tomorrow”, which launches online THIS FRIDAY, APRIL 17TH.

Each year we showcase a selection of upcoming and rising artists to highlight as the most promising in the Egyptian art scene, and the ones to support and invest in today.

Introducing our 2020 Artists of Tomorrow: Asmaa Bekheet, Fatma Abo Doma, Khadiga Abou Hussein, Khoshoua El gohary, Mariam El Mofty, Mohammed Jamal Bassiouni, Mona Heikel, Shady Habiba, Wael Karem, Yasser Gaessa, and Youssef Sabry.

With a persistent devotion to exploring and creating art in new ways, these rising stars are guaranteed to add a fresh dynamic to the art scene and set new trends for Egyptian art lovers everywhere.

The Objective of “Artists of Tomorrow” is to create novel and meaningful experiences in art. By supporting new generations of artists we hope to continuously expand the interest in Egyptian art internationally and increase the awareness and appreciation of our country’s most impactful and promising artists.

This is your chance to collect, invest, explore and discover!

Stay tuned and stay safe!


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