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Cairo Art Fair East | 8th Edition

With the 8th edition of Cairo Art Fair, seasoned and emerging art collectors have the opportunity to grow their collections and invest in some of Egypt’s most prominent artists as well as some of the most-promising artists in the Egyptian art scene today! 

Why invest in art at the Cairo Art Fair?

Art is always a good investment as it carries much more than just great monetary value. Collecting art adds an aesthetic, emotional and cultural value to your investment.

Cairo Art Fair West | 8th Edition

362With the 8th edition of Cairo Art Fair, seasoned and emerging art collectors have the opportunity to grow their collections and invest in some of Egypt’s most prominent artists as well as some of the most-promising artists in the Egyptian art scene today!

Why invest in art at the Cairo Art Fair?

Art is always a good investment as it carries much more than just great monetary value. Collecting art adds an aesthetic, emotional and cultural value to your investment.


A passionate and spontaneous painter of beauty and heritage, Gamal Meleka’s upcoming body of work “Treasured stills” is inspired by the different shades of his memory, near and far. "I find diversity in choosing the ideas and inspiration for my paintings through the past and the present. Inspired by the different shades of my memory, this body of work is an embodiment of all these fragments of my creative journey."


Trifecta is a collection by 3 amazing artists, Amir Abdel Ghani, Mostafa Khedr and Pancé Ahmed Through their collections, the artists discuss important and very impactful societal, existential and environmental topics. 




"Bassalet El Moheb Kharouf" is a group show of popular Arabic proverbs commonly used in everyday life. Proverbs represent the local culture and traditions and they originate from old traditional wisdom and tales being passed through generations. Thousands of them have been popularized by Egyptians throughout the ages, and they reflect their customs and traditions, living conditions, as well as their beliefs and values.

Fades Away العابرون سريعاً

In his body of work, titled "Fades Away", Walid Taher once more seamlessly bridges the separate realms of visual art and the written word. In this collection, the artist set out to explore the verses of poetry by renowned poet Wadie Saadeh. It is the age-old unison of music and lyrics, using bold vivid colours to create an emotional symphony of art, words and meaning.

Celebrate Motherhood With Art

Express your love to the greatest woman in your life with the gift of ART. You can now shop the perfect gift from our Mother’s Day collection!

SOLOS IN PARALLEL | ‘Alluring Scenes’ by Yassin Harraz

From the sweeping countryside to the turbulent coasts, Yassin Harraz devotes his collection "Alluring Scenes" to unlocking all of nature’s visually stimulating elements. Harraz’s work has been inspired by the breathtaking natural scenery of the Egyptian landscape since his university studies.

SOLOS IN PARALLEL | ‘Messenger Bird’ by Ihab Lotfy

Ihab's new collection "Messenger Bird" explores messages of love and melancholy carried by messenger pigeons. Inspired by Nubian and Ancient Egyptian visuals, Lotfy's technique consists of layering several paints on top of wooden panels and proceeding to uncover these colors on the surface of his work.

Klay Kassem’s “Tales of Scheherazade”

In his collection “Tales of Scheherazade”, Klay is inspired by the masterpiece of Arabic literature ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ which stirred up his mind and soul thanks to Scheherazade’s sophistication, intelligence, and intellect. From her stories, he began to weave the characters of his paintings and gathered inspiration from her travels through time, history, and the worlds that stream beyond our imagination.  


Showcasing the largest  selection of up-and-coming and rising artists to highlight as the most promising in the Egyptian art scene, and the ones to support and invest in today!

SOLOS IN PARALLEL | ‘Deshret’ by M. Jamal Bassiouni

Jamal's new collection "Deshret" consists of several clusters of works that combine painting and sculpture. They focus on the influence of modernity on the  set of known beliefs of Ancient Egyptians. "Deshret" was the formal name for the Red Crown of Lower Egypt and for the desert Red Land on either side of Kemet (Black Land), the fertile Nile river basin. When combined with the Hedjet (White Crown) of Upper Egypt, it forms the Pschent (Double Crown), in ancient Egyptian called the sekhemti. 

SOLOS IN PARALLEL | ‘Mistress of Life’ by Lina Mowafy

Lina Mowafy’s latest body of work is a direct interpretation of the artist’s life. In her new collection "Mistress of Life",  the artist set out to create art that evokes liberation, joy and vulnerability. She seeks to reflect the diversity of her everyday life experiences and emotions. Identified by her bold lines and a vivacious palette, she often creates scenes that are exuberant and multi-dimensional.

Chief Curator Picks

Browse this month's top picks selected by Gallery Director and Chief Curator Lina Mowafy! Discover special pieces and choose art you love!

Connections – تواصل

Discover Ahmed Osman's new collection created for his ongoing solo exhibition "Connections"!

”My main goal is to put emphasis on human connections through a group of works that carry in between them formations in a state of communication in that hypothetical moment when time stops. Some of these figures are in a deep state of connection, some are going through attempts and a few others are just hoping. In some way or another, i find myself in each composition i create.. There may always be a barrier, but attempts never cease.“

LOVE ARTiculated!

Articulate your feelings to your loved ones with a special gift on Valentine's Day! Choose the perfect piece from our specially curated Valentine collection, offering you a wide variety of styles, sizes and budget to fit your lover's taste!


Shop high quality framed photography prints for your space with this collection of limited edition and open edition prints by our roster of photography artists!


If you're looking to be in awe of nature's beauty and feel its peace and serenity inside your home or office, look no further! We have curated a special collection of landscape and urban landscape pieces in different styles and sizes for you to choose from!

The Holiday Collection 2021!

A gift that keeps on giving!

The holiday season is upon us and we're here for you with an unbeatable variety of fresh new art !

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Collectors Picks

TAM.Gallery offers a wide selection of original pieces curated for seasoned art lovers and art collectors, ranging from painting, photography, sculpture, drawings and more by both prominent artists and best-selling emerging artists who are worth investing in.

Black and White

Across the spectrum from black to white, lies an abundance of questions, possibilities, surprises and emotions! Shop artworks in black and white that fit any space and every colour scheme and watch them give meaning to each other when intertwined!

Daydreaming | A Group Exhibition of Digital Artworks

In "Daydreaming” artists tapped into their imagination and into the unknown; they wandered in a limitless field where you and them together are the authors and nothing is impossible. You know no boundaries of physics or logic, just the lucid flow of your imagination.

Emerging Art

Start discovering and collecting pieces by emerging artists who are set out to be the rising stars of the contemporary Egyptian art scene! 


This year, we will be showcasing an impeccable selection of up-and-coming and rising artists to highlight as the most promising in the Egyptian art scene, and the ones to support and invest in today!

Introducing our 2022 Artists of Tomorrow: Ahmed Hassanein, Engy Omara, Ghaida Ashraf, Heba Tarek, Hossam Zaki, Mostafa Nabawy, Nour Ammar, Sameh Refaat, Shereen El Baroudy and Yasmine Reda.


Holy Nights, City Lights

Perfect for a festive atmosphere.. A variety of techniques and styles that speak volumes of our traditions and unparalleled festivities!


Celebrate this beautiful season that's upon us!

Welcome spring with art you love from this  spring-themed collection and brighten up your space.

District 5 Collection

Discover the full collection on our top floor at our gallery in District 5 in District 5, Markez


Getting Married? Furnishing a new home, or throwing a housewarming party? Our Gift Registry service is the perfect way to get exactly what you’re wishing for. And so,  we have curated the perfect selection to choose from for your gift registry.

Sculptures for your Garden

Browse through a large selection of beautiful sculptures, and add a unique aesthetic to your garden.

The Person Who Lives In The Garden

The person who lives in the garden, are they real or imaginary? What does this person do? How do they live? Do they have a story? Do they know we exist? Are there others like them?

The person living in the garden is undisturbed. Raw, organic. They don't respond to nature, but are a part of it.


الشخص الذي يعيش في الحديقة هل هو حقيقي أم وهمي؟ ماذا يفعل هذا الشخص؟ كيف يعيش؟ هل هذا الشخص لديه قصة؟ هل يعرف أننا موجودون؟ هل هناك آخرين مثله؟ 

الذي يعيش في الحديقة يسكن في سلام بدون مقاطعة أو إزعاج. شخص احتفظ بفطرته وطبيعته الخام . إنه ليس فقط يستجيب للطبيعة بل هو جزء منها. كيف تسير هذه القصة؟ هل لها نهاية سعيدة؟

Eco.Topia | TAM.Gallery X French Institute

What would an ecological utopia look like? Can you imagine a world where the climate and natural resources do not face the dire crisis they face today? What is the effect of climate change on different communities? What is the alternative to the current situation?
We imagine a pure planet with many admirable qualities. It is clean, balanced, systematic, pulsing with life, blooming, organic, beautiful, breathing and generous. It is a precious planet full of vitality and ever changing.
The body of work in this exhibition invites the audience to dream and pursue a dream of a pure planet.


Like reflective glass, Hesham Abdelmoaty mirrors the smallest details of the world in which he lives. His body of work is a concoction of cultural, visual and sensory knowledge that he has of the human soul, whether consciously or unconsciously; throbbing with the life of all the artist’s experiences; reflecting and crystalizing the stages of emergence of human creativity. 

Curator’s Picks | Abstract

In this show, we have selected over 70 of the best abstract works by some of Egypt’s best-loved emerging and well established artists. You will be sure to find the perfect abstract piece for you that will add value to your art collection. 

"Abstract" will be on display until the 30th of November, 2022.



Focusing on channeling his purest emotions onto the canvas, Alnimer reveals two new collections of work that stem from his yearning for newness. Alnimer celebrates femininity in all its forms; revealing a woman’s love for life and the universe around her as he borrows images and dreams from his memories.

Ahmed Osman | the Light Side Of Black

"The use of black is nothing but my belief that it has the ability to present the story clearly. With the presence of different elements, one may see them as heroes of the story as their singularity and notability is elevated." - Ahmed Osman
This Exhibition is free and open to the public until the 16th of March, 2023.


In celebration of the arrival of spring, International Women’s Month, and Mother’s Day; and with a sense of agency and confidence through their art; 25 women artists have chosen to address important topics of the self, society, and life at large through this exhibition.

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