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“What will happen in the future” By Pance Ahmed | AOT’21:


“What will happen in the future? Will we carry on in this world with its unbalanced ecosystem? Is it possible to save the environment: land, water, and air?"

Man’s reckless intervention has become clear in the environment, it is without awareness or thought about sustainability. The depletion of limited resources due to unsustainable consumption is derived from capitalist and materialistic needs with no second thought about the future. Environmental deterioration is manifested in turning green spaces and agricultural lands into urban buildings and industrial areas that pollute the environment along with other forms of pollution.

لقد أصبح تدخل الأنسان واضح فى البيئة دون وعي أو تفكير فيما أفسد من موارد بسبب احتياجاته الاستهلاكية و المادية بدون التفكير فى المستقبل، مثل استبدال المناطق الطبيعية  والأراضي الزراعية بالمبانى العمرانية و المصانع الملوثة للبيئة الطبيعية و غيرها


Pancé creates contemporary subjects by experimenting with new painting techniques, mediums, and bold colors on the surface of her canvas to convey her thoughts and urban concepts.

“We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as its other creatures do.”

– Barbara Ward

“لقد نسينا كيف نكون ضيوفًا صالحين ، وكيف نسير بخفة على الأرض كما تفعل مخلوقاتها الأخرى

 باربرا وارد – 


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