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“The Transformers” By Mostafa Khedr | AOT’21:


Khedr draws his inspiration from his surroundings, most importantly human beings, then translates his observations into visual symbols that manifested in his sculpture work.

Mostafa Khedr is constantly looking for vocabulary to constitute a visual and subjective language that enables him to present and develop his thoughts in a unique and contemporary form. 

Scenes of transformation, change and development that we live and touch upon in ourselves and with others around us, this was the inspiration behind this set of sculptures in 2013. I made a smaller version of these pieces to be showcased at the Youth Salon in 2013 and I was awarded the sculpture prize for that year and since then, I had the dream to create them on a large scale.

مشاهد التحول والتغير والتطور التى نعيشها ونلمسها فى أنفسنا ومع الآخرين من حولنا. كانت مصدر الإلهام لهذا العمل عام ٢٠١٣ حيث قمت بعمل نموذج مصغر وتم عرضه بمعرض صالون الشباب بقصر الفنون والحائز على جائزة النحت لهذا العام وظل يراودنى حلم تكبير هذا العمل

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