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Meram Adly’s Impressions of ‘The City’ | AOT’21:

Meram is deeply influenced by the subject of crowded cities and the urban theme in general as she live her life surrounded by these chaotic forms and compositions of buildings and cement blocks. Miram is currently attempting to express her personal impression and experience of the concept of The City  through her projects.

“The subject of the crowded city, and the urban theme has affected me as I’m living my everyday life surrounded by those chaotic forms, and compositions of its buildings and cement blocks. I tried to express my personal impression and experience about this “City” through my artworks.”

لطالما  شغلتني التكوينات الفوضوية للمدينة من مبان عالية اسمنتية,وعشوائيتها وكثرة تفاصيلها.كان المحفز لتجربة  “عن المدينة“ حبي للتجول في شوارع تلك المدينة بإختلاف احيائها منذ الصغر. فحاولت التعبير عن انطباعي،  وتجربتي مع فوضوية وعشوائية هذه المدينة من خلال أعمالي الفنية.

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