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“My work is based on the relationship between man and animal, they live and interact in unconventional or unnatural worlds.”

A painter, a sculptor, and a photographer, Artist of Tomorrow Mohamed Sabry comes from a strong academic background in art. Sabry graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Alexandria in 2005. An Honors graduate, Sabry was quickly recognized by his University and given a teaching assistant position, he then completed a MA in 2013 and is now Assistant Professor at the Fine Arts College in Alexandria.

Sabry’s first show in 2001 was just the beginning of an onslaught of solo and group exhibitions that led to countless awards. He has received 5 awards at the Youth Salon from 2008-2015, and won the Grand Prize at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina for his January 25th Revolution Memorial, a sculpture that still stands there today. Sabry’s work also extends beyond the borders of Egypt; one of his works, carved out of Athenian marble stands tall in a public square in Athens, among other international endeavors.

Sabry’s work is highly affected by Coptic lines and the lack of a third dimension evident in Coptic paintings. He is also highly influenced by the early stages of Egyptian fine arts, and the artists that caused a historical shift in fine arts in Egypt from a European perspective to a more Egyptian point of view, artists like Hamed Nada, Abdel Hadi El Gazzar, and Samir Rafee’.

Mohamed Sabry’s Work at the Artists of Tomorrow Exhibit

“I am participating in the Artists of Tomorrow exhibition with paintings,” says Sabry. “All of my works carry the theme of the relationship between man and animal in a distorted context. You will also find prevalent symbols like the candelabra, the cross, ornamentation, and fish that are usually in the sky.”

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