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Hossam Zaki’s Body of work is a manifestation of the convergence of his imagination and his fascination with the art of the Etruscan civilization of ancient Italy.

the art of the Etruscan civilization was created between the 9th and 2nd centuries BC. In parallel to his preoccupation with the ethereal fairy-tale likeness of dreams, which can demonstrate both the good and the evil; He was deeply influenced by his postgraduate studies in Etruscan sculpture. Etruscans were very accomplished sculptors, with many surviving examples in terracotta, which is sculpture made in earthenware. His work is deeply influenced by his postgraduate studies in Etruscan sculpture. 

مجموعة حسام زكي هي تجسيد للتقاطع بين خيال الفنان و شغفه بالتاريخ الاتروري القديم، أنتجت الحضارة الأترورية لإيطاليا القديمة الفن الإتروسكي بين القرنين التاسع والثاني قبل الميلاد، وهو اتجاه فني قوي خصوصاً في النحت التصويري التراكوتا.ا.

تأثر الفنان بالدراسات العليا في فن النحت الاتروري بالتوازي مع انشغاله بالتشابه الخيالي للأحلام، حيث يمكن للأحلام أن تظهر الخير والشر.ر

Zaki was also intrigued by the nature and posture of humans in their sleep. Regardless of their character and what they go through during the day, they seem to rest in child-like peace during their sleep. Dreams provided the artist with a rich visual reserve that was expressed through sleepy and dreamy figures that have childlike appearance. In a sense, Zaki’s artwork is an expression of a mythical world produced by his dreamy imagination with hints of ancient history.

كان زكي أيضًا مفتونًا بفكرة أن جميع البشر بغض النظرعن شخصيتهم أثناء اليوم يبدو أنهم يستريحون في سلام مثل الأطفال أثناء نومهم، وفرت فكرة الأحلام للفنان احتياطيًا بصريًا ثريًا، تم التعبير عنه من خلال شخصيات نائمة، وحالمة ذات مظهر طفولي.ي.

يعتبر عمل زكي الفني تعبيرًا عن عالم أسطوري أنتجه خياله الحالم مع تلميحات من التاريخ القديم.م

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