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“I love using mixed media, and it usually reflects the complexity of the concept, This technique is an aid to help me communicate my ideas. It makes me feel as though there are no boundaries to art,” says Fadel of her method

Artist and designer Deena Fadel have been on the course of an artistic career from the age of 18 when she began studying art and graphic design. Fadel graduated in 2005 from the American University in Cairo, with a double major in art and marketing.

Fadel’s work has been exhibited locally and internationally in countries like the UK, Qatar, and Turkey, among others. She employs mixed media techniques to create her artwork, a formula that has garnered her work several awards and accolades in art and design. As an artist, Fadel was rated among the top ten among many artists from different countries competing in the Sharm El Sheikh Biennale a few years back.

“I use charcoal or ink to create fast lines, the way I paint and draw are guided by my emotions, my emotions drive the lines.” Fadel’s work tends to center around Egypt as a general concept, perhaps being born and raised in the UK brings out this side of her through her work “I am both inspired and affected by what happens in Egypt, there is so much going on, so much emotion, so much conflict… it’s always driving me in my work.” 

Fadel is participating in the Artists of Tomorrow exhibition at the Arts Mart Gallery with several works that all fall under the title Chaos Within. “The ceiling has collapsed the floor has risen, we inhale chaos as if it was our daily intake of oxygen. Colors are diffused, lines run in abnormal patterns and this has resulted in External and most critically internal Chaos,” says the artist.

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