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Check out these 5 easy tips to help you create your own gallery wall with your favorite art collection!

1- Mix different styles, sizes and mediums

To keep your gallery wall interesting, go for a good mix of landscape and portrait sized pieces. Explore an extensive variety of artworks here. Choose your favorite frames and decide on whether you want them to blend in, or to contrast with one another.

2- Add something personal

It doesn’t have to be ALL art on your wall. Try adding some personal items. Your favorite family portrait, your child’s first drawing , or framed plane tickets from your favorite trip, etc.; They will be an interesting addition and will give you that personal statement you’re looking for.

3- Create a theme or a color palette

For a more curated feel, committing to a color palette will help you start. You can select the palette or theme based on the colors of your room, or based on the artwork that is going to be the centerpiece of your gallery wall.

4- Make a template or play around

Add the artworks on the floor before you start hammering! Think whether you want neat rows or an organic arrangement. Standing back to look at the artworks all together helps you to see if a specific artwork looks odd or doesn’t fit your initial collection, if yes, move it around until it blends in or stands out. 

Place your biggest pieces first and build around them. (Hint: Place the large piece just off-center, but slightly towards the middle of your artworks to allow your eye to travel around the gallery wall, rather than only focusing on the middle of it.) If your largest pieces are horizontal, place smaller vertical pieces next to it.

5- And just before you start hammering..

Measure your wall space to make sure the space you want for your gallery wall will fit perfectly. You’re going to need nails, a pencil, a ruler or a water scale and wall filler (just in case that nail hits the wrong spot..).

one last quick tip: For a cleaner look, leave equal spacing between your frame. And Tada! Enjoy your new gallery wall, and your new favorite space!

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