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Weaam Ali

Weaam Ali Omar, born in Saudi Arabia in 1990, is a talented visual artist. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Art Education, which she earned with honors and distinction in 2011. Weaam is currently pursuing her Master's degree in the Faculty of Art Education, and she is in the process of completing her doctoral studies.

Recognized for her artistic achievements, Weaam was granted a scholarship for dedication to her craft by the Ministry of Culture in 2022 and 2023. She also received the prestigious Adam Henein Sculpture Prize, earning the second prize in the 6th round of the competition held in 2022. Weaam's exceptional talent has been acknowledged further with the Zakaria Al Khonany Award from the Society of Fine Arts Lovers.

Weaam has actively participated in various artistic events and exhibitions, both within Egypt and internationally. Notable among her engagements are her participation in the Aswan International Symposium in 2016 and the Aswan International Symposium for Granite Sculpture in 2023. She also took part in the Third Sculpture Salon at the Palace of Arts in 2023. Weaam has showcased her artwork in the General Exhibition at the Palace of Arts in 2022.

Her contributions extend to participating in significant art events such as the Youth Salon, Adam Henin Sculpture Exhibition, and the Agenda International Forum at Alexandria Library. Weaam's commitment to her craft is further demonstrated through her involvement in workshops, including the First Sculpture Symposium with Arab Contractors and the award-winning Siwa Atelier.

Weaam's artwork has gained recognition and acclaim, leading to acquisitions by the Ministry of Culture, as well as private collectors in Egypt and abroad, including Germany, Bahrain, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, India, Spain, South Africa, Hungary, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

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