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Mohamed Salah El Sobhi

Mohammed Salah is an Egyptian artist born in Riyadh, SA in 1996 and is currently based in Cairo, Egypt.  A self- taught artist, Salah received his bachelor’s degree from Al Kasr Al Aini School of Medicine in 2020,  and is now pursuing a career in plastic surgery. Mohamed’s passion for visual arts has started at a young age. He uses mixed media and  various techniques to create artworks with a unique perspective and details and his body of work is mostly inspired by human emotions, interactions and nature.

Mohamed’s work is part of the private collections of various art collectors from different countries, such as Egypt, USA, England, Germany, France, Belgium, Brasil, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, as well as many others. 

He has participated in several art exhibitions, the latest of which was the Farouk Hosny Art Awards in 2022. 

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