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Hassan Kamel

Hassan Kamel, a renowned sculptor and professor of sculpture, graduated with honors from the Faculty of Art Education in 1991. Over his three-decade career, he actively participated in local art events, receiving awards at the Youth Salon (1991-2000), National Exhibition (2001-2015), and the Salon of Small Artworks (1999-2001).

In 2004, Kamel earned his Ph.D., delving into "The Benefit of the Artistic Values of Ancient Egyptian Sculpture in Patterns of Local and International Sculpture." His work reflects a deep admiration for Ancient Egyptian art, simplifying surfaces to capture its core essence.

Exploring materials like bronze and stone, Kamel's art serves as a medium for profound emotional expression. With twelve Solo exhibitions at prestigious venues such as the American University in Cairo and the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, he has made a significant impact.

Internationally, Kamel has participated in sculpture symposia across the globe, from Egypt to Italy, Lebanon, and the United States. His interest in monumental works has garnered awards, including first prize in a design competition in Sharm El-Sheikh and recognition for a monumental piece reflecting Dr. Taha Hussein's thoughts on Galaa Square, Egypt.

Deeply rooted in the specificity of artistic experiences, Kamel's vision embraces the foundational values of ancient Egyptian arts. Adopting a simplistic approach, he conveys profound ideas through small details, achieving a harmonious balance between autonomous aesthetics and societal impact.


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