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Abdel Rahman El Agouz

Born in 1994, Abdel Rahman El Agouz is an award-winning Egyptian sculptor who earned his bachelor degree from the faculty of Fine Arts in 2012.

His style is characterized by a specific type of dramatization and abstraction of the human body; portraying voluptuous forms with lightness and agility to emphasize the beauty of its form.

EL Agouz joined the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University in 2012, majoring in the Department of Sculpture and obtained his BA in 2017. in 2019, He was appointed in the faculty in the Sculpture Department. He participated in many exhibitions and competitions and won several prizes, including the Youth Salon Sculpture Prize 2017, The Adam Henein Award to Italy in 2018, The Dai Grand Prize in the in 2018, and the Adam Henein Grand Prize in 2019.

EGP 30000.00

Abdel Rahman El Agouz

Abdel Rahman El Agouz, FOTNA I, 2018, 11/205



9.84 X 11.81 X 5.9 Inches 25 X 30 X 15 cm


EGP 60000.00

Abdel Rahman El Agouz

Abdel Rahman El Agouz, BALLOZA , 2019, 13/205


Chrome-plated Bronze

15.74 X 17.71 X 11.81 Inches 40 X 45 X 30 cm

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